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Highly Experienced Child Sexual Assault Expert Investigator

40 years in Criminal Justice

The One Daly Corporation was founded in 1988 as an expert, progressive and innovative investigation and education organization in the field of child sexual assaults and sex crimes.

Lawrence W. Daly, CEO and Chief Forensic Investigator of the One Daly Corporation, has forty years of experience in the criminal justice field. Many in the legal field consider him one of the top experts in the world on child and adult sex crime investigations.

Mr. Daly first began working with sexual assault investigations in 1983 as a detective in the Special Assault Unit. After retiring in 1989, Mr. Daly went on to make a difference in thousands of investigations by conducting interviews with assault and rape victims and testifying in multiple states. Among the more prominent investigations he was retained for were Community Chapel Church, Tyrone Briggs, Gerald Ehtee and the Wenatchee Witch Hunt Criminal Case.

At the One Daly Corporation we have uncovered unbelievable motives for why a sexual assault allegation is made. A child was tired of being sexually assaulted, a child lied to get the alleged perpetrator in trouble, several youths professed they were touched to get even with the alleged perpetrator, a mother wanting a divorce had her daughter allege that she was sexually assaulted by a father or step-father and so many more. The types of motives that are present in sexual assault cases simply are not understood by law enforcement, prosecutors, private investigators, or attorneys. Investigators have ‘tunnel vision’ and fail to consider what the ‘motive’ is behind the sexual assault allegations.

In today’s society children as young as six years of age have access to the Internet. No longer can people ask the question of “how did this child obtain sexual knowledge?”

The term “children don’t lie” is completely unbelievable, especially in today’s society where lying is the normal behavior of so many, yet law enforcement, prosecutors, private investigators, attorneys and other professionals still hold fast onto the “children don’t lie” myth, creating false allegations and subsequent charges against innocent people. Lying is taught by adults as a way to protect themselves and children watch and learn this behavior from those very same adults whom they are supposed to look up to. The old adage of “children learn what they live” holds true today. The key to determining if a sexual allegation is true or false is understanding the motive behind it.

At the One Daly Corporation we know that if we knock on enough doors, the motive will become apparent and explain why the sexual assault allegation came forward.


Meet the CEO - Lawrence W. Daly

An Active Leader in His Field

An Expert Forensic Sexual Abuse Educator, Author, Researcher, Investigator, Interviewer, Life Coach and Trainer:

Mr. Daly specializes in testifying about law enforcement protocols, procedures, policies, processes, paradigms, heuristics, ethics in their handling of sexual assault investigations and interviewing; including child sexual assault investigations and interviewing.

He provides guidance to clients who need the knowledge and understanding of how a sexual assault case should be investigated and how alleged child sexual assault victims and adult rape victims should and need to be interviewed.

For the past 40 years Mr. Daly has been active in the fields of law enforcement and private investigation as an educator and trainer, specializing in sexual assault investigations for the last 30 of those years.

He continues to author multiple writings about sexual assault investigative protocols and procedures; investigative and interview procedures performed by law enforcement and child interviewers, sometimes titled forensic child interviews.

Mr. Daly has the education, training, and experience to critique the performance of any and all sexual assault investigations and interviews, as well as those involving children.

He continually researches, plans and produces trainings, workshops, seminars, and webinars for instructing law enforcement, private investigators, forensic child interviewers, psychologists and other experts on the techniques and processes involved in the management and performance of sexual assault investigations and interviewing, including child sexual assault allegations.

Mr. Daly’s specialties include:

  • Law enforcement protocols and procedures;
  • Investigation of child sexual assault allegations;
  • Interviewing children who may have been sexually assaulted;
  • Pre-trial preparations involving sexual assault allegations;
  • Consulting services for attorneys, judges, juries and social service organizations;
  • Providing expert testimony at a trial or legal proceeding.
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