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Forensic Assault Investigation Protocol

The One Daly Corporation was founded in 1988 as a progressive and innovative investigative, education, and expert organization in the field of child sexual assaults and sex crimes. Lawrence W. Daly, CEO has created a step-by-step Forensic Assault Investigation Protocol that our company uses to ensure that each client receives an organized and proficient analysis of their case. For the past twenty five plus years, Mr. Daly has successfully utilized and modified this protocol.

Known for his creative and innovative approach to sexual assault investigations, Mr. Daly created the Forensic Assault Investigation Protocol which involves creating the Investigative Case Action Plan (ICAP) which is one of the keys to ascertaining what took place between the parties involved in each individual case. The plan outlines useful techniques and methods to follow when investigating allegations of sexual assault and interviewing victims, witnesses, and alleged perpetrators. The ICAP develops and defines a process, protocols, procedures, policies, paradigms, etc., on how to reach goals, objectives, milestones, as well as positive and successful results.

The Forensic Assault Investigation Protocol also includes creating a Witness Contact Database, establishing a complex Timeline of Events, organizing legal documents, police reports and medical documents as well as any correspondence that has occurred between attorneys, clients and any other witnesses involved. Using this investigative process can make the difference between a simple and a complex sexual assault investigation.

We believe that by putting together the whole picture, from the beginning to the end, through the establishment of when specific events occurred sets our clients up for success. As each process is completed the attorneys, as well as the client, are provided the results of our findings and will have continued access to Mr. Daly throughout each step of this process as our commitment to an excellent and thorough investigation.

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