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The Circle of Investigations of Child Sexual Assault Allegations - $39.00

The leading authority of investigating child sexual assault allegation brings you his latest most extensive work for law enforcement sexual assault investigators. The 50 chapters cover a vast array of the many problems plaguing the investigation methods and techniques when dealing with child sexual assault allegations.

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Protect Your Kids right - $8.99

When predators who sexually and physically harm or murder children, parents need to learn how to educate and protect their children from becoming a victim. Protect Your Kids Right (PYKR) in an insightful book which will direct parents from having their children or other children from being harmed by violent offenders.

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Sexual Healing Informational Guide and Workbook - $7.99

An informational guide and workbook for individuals who are struggling with sexual addiction and need assistance in becoming healthy. Based upon years of research and using God's Word to direct readers in dealing with sexual addiction problems on a daily basis, this guide and workbook will be of significant assistance.

Explicit Conduct - $12.99

Explicit Conduct gives great insight into the restoration and healing process of sexual addiction using biblical guidance and principles. It challenges oneself to embrace and cultivate spiritual conduct to conquer and restore God’s teaching for anyone struggling with sexual addiction to find freedom through Jesus Christ one day at a time.

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Explicit Conduct Participant’s Guide - $7.99

This participant's guide/workbook is the accompaniment for the book "Explicit Conduct". A step-by-step support tool which allows you to study the book individually or in a group setting.

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Battles of the Flesh - $8.99

Battles of the Flesh is about the stages of sexual addiction that individuals (specific) which have sexual addiction issues, problems, struggles and battles. It provides insight into what a sexual addict should do to become healthy and move away from sexual addiction back to normalcy, with God’s assistance.

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Sex Crime Chronicles Volumes 1-50 - $4.99 each

The Sex Crimes Chronicles series, Volumes 1-50 provides an inside look into a multitude of subjects involving Congressman Anthony Wiener, Children Cage Fighting, Child Sexual Addiction, and Children Who Kill Children. The booklet is a must read. These booklets are informational and will provide answers to questions everyone has been asking.

Chasing Victor - $12.99

In the small town of Kent, just south of Seattle in Washington State there is a child serial rapist and murderer who has targeted young girls. Over an eight-year period, Victor has abducted, raped and murdered 11 young girls. Lead Detective Simon Stocker and his detective squad began the chase of Victor eight years ago.

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It Could Happen To You - $2.99

The book is an instructional safety guide for teachers who work with children. The book provides a proactive step by step process in how a teacher can prevent themselves from being falsely accused of sexually assaulting a child.

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Police Practice in Sexual Assault Investigations - $5.99

The book presents an exploratory study to illustrate trends in police practice and evaluate them against the information available in newer research.

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