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Critical Interview Analysis

In the child sexual assault profession, at its early ideology, theories, protocols, policies, and procedures, the individuals and organizations were against videotaping child interviews. There were many articles, books, presentations, etc. that attempted to stop professionals in the industry from properly documenting child victim interviews. Some individuals and organizations would audiotape the child interview, but most agencies took, what they stated, was verbatim notes. The problem with note taking is the accuracy rate is somewhere in the 25 percent range. This should have been pursued scientifically, but the push for videotaping instead of note taking was a losing proposition. Mr. Daly began advocating audio/videotaping in the early 80’s, but it wasn’t until Dr. Michael Lamb of the National Institute of Child Health Development (NICHD) and his cohorts created the Structured Interview sometimes referred to as the NICHD Interview Model. This model was created in 1999, which was found to be effective, credible, and reliable. With the model came the videotaping of child interviews.

Today, most the investigators who interview children videotape the child interviews. This has allowed professionals like Mr. Daly to review the videotape of the interview and create what Mr. Daly has termed a “Critical Interview Analysis.” Each interview, depending on the child interviewer, now calling themselves Forensic Interviewers, have their own nuances and subtleties and can contaminate a child interview from the beginning to the end.

Mr. Daly has a methodical and scientific approach to examining, analyzing, and evaluating each child interview and provide a Critical Interview Analysis which no other professional in the child sexual assault field is capable of doing. The measurements Mr. Daly utilizes provides you with a clear understanding of what went wrong in the child interview. Rarely, has Mr. Daly observed a competent and intelligent child interview. Mr. Daly has found over the years that the child interviewers are impatient, leading and suggestive in their questioning and simply incompetent.

Call Mr. Daly today and discuss your investigation with him. You will be astonished at the knowledge and understanding he has in reference to child interviews, child sexual assault investigations, and hypotheses about what probably took place between the child and the alleged perpetrator.

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