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Forensic Interviewing

This method of interviewing involves a step-by-step protocol that allows the witness to freely discuss the alleged events as well as explore the alleged events from that witnesses’ perspective. One Daly Corporation’s forensic interviewing is based upon years of research and experience in the field of child interviewing. Specific techniques and alternative hypotheses are used to examine the account of each witness. Furthermore, this interviewing technique allows the opportunity to explore all of the facts in the case without re-traumatizing the witness.

Alternative hypotheses can be found at the heart of a sexual assault investigation if the professionals involved understand the relevance of them. Motive walks hand in hand with alternative hypotheses, but the investigator must have the competency and intelligence to understand the significance behind considering them. Many times a law enforcement officer or private investigator hears the sexual assault allegation, interviews the complainant, and arrests the alleged perpetrator without taking the time to consider alternative hypotheses that could prove true.

We have found that the child interviews are outsourced to untrained interviewers who testify that they are experts. Some child interviews can be leading and suggestive. Mr. Daly has expended time educating judges and juries about the lack of protocols utilized by alleged experts.

At the One Daly Corporation we specialize in conducting thorough, competent, and intelligent sexual assault investigations. Interviewing children who may have been sexually assaulted by a family member, friend, a professional, coach, or others, is just one of many expert roles and responsibilities that professionals retain Mr. Daly and his associates to perform.

Another key to any investigation is understanding the role(s) a witness might play in any given case. At One Daly Corporation, we specialize in pursuing and interviewing witnesses who may or may not have information pertaining to any and all parties involved in the sexual assault investigation.

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