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October 2014

The One Daly Corporation Newsletter

About One Daly

The One Daly Corporation was founded in 1988 as a progressive and innovative investigative, education, and expert organization in the field of child sexual assaults and sex crimes.

Lawrence W. Daly, CEO and Chief Forensic Investigator of the One Daly Corporation, has forty years of experience in the criminal justice field. Many in the legal field consider him one of the top experts in the world on child and adult sex crime investigation.

Mr. Daly first began working with sexual assault investigations in 1983 as a detective in the Special Assault Unit. After retiring in 1989, Mr. Daly went on to make a difference in thousands of investigations by conducting interviews with assault and rape victims and testifying in multiple states. Among the more prominent investigations he retained for were Community Chapel Church, Tyrone Briggs, Gerald Ehtee, and the Wenatchee Witch hunt Criminal Case.

Known for his creative and innovative approach to sexual assault investigations, Mr. Daly created the Investigative Case Action Plan to act as a resource for law enforcement officers, prosecutors, private investigators, and attorneys. The plan outlines useful techniques and methods to follow when investigating allegations of sexual assault and interviewing victims, witnesses, and alleged perpetrators.


Sexual Assault Investigations

At the one Daly Corporation we specialize in conducting thorough, competent, and intelligent sexual assault investigations.

Child Sexual Assault Interviews

Interviewing children who may have been sexually assaulted by a family member, friend, a professional, coach, etc. is just one of many expert role(s) and responsibilities that professional retain Mr. Daly and his associates performs.

Professional Witness Interviews

The key to any investigation is understanding the role(s) a witness might play in any given case. At One Daly Corporation, we specialize in pursuing and interviewing witnesses who may have information pertaining to any and all parties involved in the sexual assault allegation.

Evaluation, Examination, and Assessment of Evidence

A single piece of evidence can be the key to determining if an individual did or did not commit a crime of sexual assault. Mr. Daly and the One Daly Corporation have investigated well over 5,000 child sexual assault cases. We understand the importance of all types of evidence, and we’re committed to identifying the roles biological, physical, trace, medical, and direct evidence play in a sexual assault allegation. Too often investigators overlook the key elements and factors evidence have in determining the outcome of a sex crime.

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