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Forensic Protocol Analysis

In the sexual assault profession there are many individuals and organizations who have established forensic interview protocols which they believe are the hallmark of the sexual assault industry. Unfortunately, these forensic protocols are not supported by scientific research, but instead prepared and promulgated as being the method and technique of how to interview victims of sexual assaults.

Mr. Daly has devised a new, creative, and innovative method and technique in producing a Forensic Protocol Analysis where he reviews all of the victim and witness interviews and provides his client with a scientific analysis which details why the interview is competent and intelligent or is a protocol which is based on what he terms as the “hit and miss methodology.” The “hit and miss methodology” is where the child interviewer and organizations support interviews which are leading, suggestive, coercive, misleading, etc. These interviews consist of questions which are proper, then the child interviewer begins declining in their approach to the child. This is because a multitude of the child interviewers suffer from being impatient, and lacking in understanding what the motive is for the child to be stating that he/she was inappropriately touched. Incorrect and inappropriate child interviews can cause a child to falsely tell a child interviewer what they want to hear. Generally, it is a lack of scientific training and understanding what the literature states of how a child interview should be performed. Consistently, these interviewers are known in their community as incompetent. Since most child interviews are audio/videotaped Mr. Daly can have the child interview transcribed and then review the interview for relevant and material questions which should have been asked of the child.

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