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Mr. Daly began his career of writing books in the middle 80’s, writing Innocence: “The Ragged Edge.” This book was about a man who was falsely accused because law enforcement and child protective services were unaware how to conduct a proper and thorough investigation. The book provides a detailed proper paradigm in how to investigate a child sexual assault allegation and interview child victims.

In 1991, Mr. Daly wrote and produced a video titled, “Child Abuse Investigations.” Further, he wrote a manual on how to conduct child sexual assault investigations titled “Child Abuse Investigations.”

Since 1991 Mr. Daly has written a multitude of articles, books, blogs, journals, etc. You can find most of Mr. Daly’s publications on and Barnes & Mr. Daly’s first fiction book was released in 2013 titled “Chasing Victor.” The book is about a serial sexual murderer who abducts young women, who he rapes and kills.

October 1, 2013, Mr. Daly is releasing “Protect Your Kids Right.” This book is an examination of how parents and professionals should deal with children. The book is thorough and written for adults who are responsible for the care of children and a must read. So put this book on your reading list.

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