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The Latest Work by Lawrence W. Daly

Every day the media presents us with their investigative stories about a child being abducted, hurt, injured, and murdered. In our current times there are individuals who prey upon children. Given an opportunity these predators abduct, molest, rape, and murder children whenever they can.

Parents and professionals have the opportunity to “Protect Your Kids Right” by reading Mr. Daly’s book. The book is a must read because it provides everyone who has children or deals with children the methods and techniques in stopping these predators from having the opportunity to victimize another child.

Too often parents are trusting of individuals who are in their social network. Parents too often allow individuals they don’t know to be around their child. This type of behavior perpetuates the problem that another child may be harmed. So what should parents and professionals do? This question is answered extensively in Mr. Daly’s new book “Protect Your Kids Right.”

This outstanding book is available now as an eBook at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. If you are or know a parent or professional who needs to become informed, refer them to “Protect Your Kids Right.” It will make a significant difference in how you protect your child from being a victim. Purchase it today and then tell others about all the information this book has to offer.

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