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The Nation's Foremost Expert in Forensic Child Sexual Assault Investigations

The One Daly Corporation offers a comprehensive suite of services that are laser-focused on the issues surrounding child sexual abuse. Well over 40 years of research, study and experience have resulted in a well-rounded approach to assisting children, parents, law enforcement personnel, legislators, attorneys, juries and judges in their efforts to examine and resolve the life-altering effects of these horrific crimes and allegations.

The following list provides a brief overview of the high quality processes and tools the One Daly Corporation has produced to help anyone trying to deal with the frustrating dilemmas presented by this baffling and heart-breaking social disease.

Forensic Services

Sexual Assault Investigations

We specialize in conducting thorough, competent, and intelligent sexual assault investigations.

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Child Sexual Assault Interviews

Interviewing children who may have been sexually assaulted by a family member, friend, a professional, coach, etc. is just one of many expert role(s) and responsibilities that professionals retain Mr. Daly and his associates to perform.

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Professional Witness Interviews

The key to any investigation is understanding the role(s) a witness might play in any given case. At One Daly Corporation, we specialize in pursuing and interviewing witnesses who may have information pertaining to any and all parties involved in the sexual assault allegation.

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Evaluation, Examination and Assessment of Evidence

A single piece of evidence can be the key to determining if an individual did or did not commit a crime of sexual assault. Mr. Daly and the One Daly Corporation have investigated well over 5,000 child sexual assault cases. We understand the importance of all types of evidence and we’re committed to identifying the roles biological, physical, trace, and medical or direct evidence play in a sexual assault allegation. Too often investigators overlook the key elements and factors evidence have in determining the outcome of a sex crime.

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Services for Trial

Expert Testimony 

At the One Daly Corporation we specialize in providing expert testimony in reference to any sexual assault type allegations. Mr. Daly has testified in several states as an expert.

Expert Testimony in Child Sexual Assault Forensic Interviews

Mr. Daly has testified in many courts regarding the competency and intelligence of child interviewers. Mr. Daly has found that the child interviews are outsourced to untrained interviewers who testify that they are experts despite their lack of protocol. Some child interviews can be leading and suggestive. Mr. Daly has expended time educating judges and juries about the lack of protocols and procedures utilized by alleged experts.

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Scientifically Backed Testimony in Sexual Assault Investigations

Over the past half century, law enforcement has taken a back seat by outsourcing their roles and responsibilities regarding child sexual assault investigations. Law enforcement in some jurisdictions no longer conducts the interviews or evaluates the evidence collected at a crime scene.

Established protocols and procedures must be scientifically based because they’ve proven to be effective. Mr. Daly has testified that law enforcement investigators fail to consider all the steps necessary to properly carry out an investigation, showing that scientifically based investigation techniques are a priority

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Consultation, Professional Training and Webinars

Professional Consultation

Mr. Daly provides support to any sexual assault investigative professional who may need assistance in any facet of an investigation. Mr. Daly has consulted with hundreds of law enforcement officers, attorneys, private investigators, and other professionals.

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Professional Training

At the One Daly Corporation we specialize in training law enforcement officers, prosecutors, private investigators, and other professionals in the sexual assault industry in the following areas:

  • Sexual Assault Investigations
  • Forensic Child Sexual Assault Interviewing
  • Ethics in Sexual Assault Allegations For Criminal Justice Professionals
  • Investigative Psychology in Sexual Assault Investigations
  • And much more...
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