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David George
"Not Guilty"

Mr. George is a wealthy man who had a granddaughter and a step-granddaughter. He did everything for his son, including buying a house for them to live in, purchasing vehicles for their transportation, taking the children school clothes shopping every year but they wanted more.

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Brian Smith
"Case Dismissed"

Mr. Smith had a couple friends over, having a barbecue and a few drinks. The husband became quite drunk and became quite angry at his wife. As his friends were leaving, Mr. Smith and his wife saw the husband hitting his wife in their vehicle. Mr. Smith went to the vehicle to try and help while his wife called 9-1-1 for help.

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Keith Carroll
"Not Guilty"

Mr. Carroll was 16 years old and was charged with 13 counts of Lewd or Lascivious Acts with Child under 14 Years. It was alleged that he touched his 3 nieces, making them touch him also and taking photographs of them as well while he was visiting them and while their mom was at the store for approximately 30 minutes.

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Wenatchee Witch Hunt Trial
"Not Guilty" / "Case Dismissed"

After so many were found guilty in this trial, our firm was retained to assist with the appeals for several individuals. As most know the detective on this case was looking to make a name for himself and he found just the avenue to do so.

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Donald Williams
"Charges Dismissed"

Mr. Williams was a very popular, well-loved high school teacher. There was a student that was infatuated with him and when Mr. Williams disregarded her advances, she was determined to get him back. She said the two of them were having a relationship and they had broken up.

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Michael Johnson
"Charges Dismissed"

Mr. Johnson and his wife were successful business people. They had developed a relationship with their niece over the years, helping her parents financially occasionally on and off.

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