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Expert Testimony

At the One Daly Corporation we specialize in providing expert testimony in reference to any and all sexual assault type allegations. The One Daly Corporation prides itself as the number one leading expert in Forensic Investigations with its CEO, Lawrence W. Daly. Mr. Daly has been qualified and has testified in many courts in several states regarding the competence and intelligence of child interviewers as an expert witness. He delivers objective expert testimony, independent and authoritative studies and strategic advice and consulting to assist with complex negotiations, and assist with informing judges, juries, regulators and legislators with the most current information available in the forensic investigations field.

Mr. Daly has advanced degrees and certifications, including a MSC Masters in Child Forensics; Psychology and Law and a MS in Administration of Justice and Security. He has attended over 100 workshops, seminars, webinars, etc., as well as educated and trained hundreds of law enforcement officers, private investigators, attorneys and other professionals in the child sexual assault industry and continually participates in the most current programs, workshops, seminars and webinars to increase his knowledge and stay a step ahead with the most current studies and education available today.

Over the past half century, law enforcement has taken a back seat by outsourcing their roles and responsibilities regarding child sexual assault investigations. Law enforcement in some jurisdictions no longer conduct the interviews or evaluate the evidence collected at a crime scene. Established protocols and procedures must be scientifically based because they’ve proven to be effective. Mr. Daly has testified successfully that law enforcement investigators failed to consider all of the steps necessary to properly carry out an investigation.

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