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    Lawrence W. Daly

    As the number one leading expert in Forensic Sexual Assault and Major Crime Investigations, the One Daly Corporation, led by CEO Lawrence W. Daly, provides professional testimony, strategic advice and consulting, step-by-step Forensic Assault Investigative Protocols, and works with some of the top attorneys available in the country to ensure that each client receives an organized and proficient analysis of their case. To find out more about how we can help you, please give us a call.

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  • The Circles of Investigations of Child Sexual Assault Allegations

    Lawrence W. Daly

    The leading authority of investigating child sexual assault allegation brings you his latest most extensive work for law enforcement sexual assault investigators. The 50 chapters cover a vast array of the many problems plaguing the investigation methods and techniques when dealing with child sexual assault allegations. Order your copy today!!

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  • Leading Authority In Investigations - CDA & Interviewing of Children

    Is the child interviewer/law enforcement competent in their interview? Retain today to have the chld interview video analyzed!

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    Register on this private blog with your email address and ask a question, post a concern, talk about your experiences and obtain professional advice from our large and varied community of professionals and everyday people, each with unique and differing viewpoints!

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About Us

The One Daly Corporation was founded in 1988 as a progressive and innovative investigative, education, and expert organization in the field of child sexual assaults and sex crimes.

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Forensic Investigation

Known for his creative and innovative approach to sexual assault investigations, Mr. Daly created the Investigative Case Action Plan to act as a resource for law enforcement officers, prosecutors, private investigators, and attorneys.

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It takes education, training, and experience to understand the value of considering alternative hypotheses.

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Mr. Daly has prepared many videos that could assist professionals as well as a parent, guardian, or a family member with innovative knowledge on a wide variety topics.

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Expert Advice, Insight and Information

Mr. Daly has authored numerous articles to educate and guide professionals dealing with child sexual assault, such as law enforcement personnel, private investigators, psychologists and child interviewers.

These articles focus on sexual assault investigative protocols and interviewing procedures, often classified as "forensic child interviews".

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